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Brakes system plays an important factor that inhibits motion by absorbing the energy from a moving system. If your brakes are malfunctioning or any irregularities in your car’s breaking performance that means you simply need break service and if you are looking for the best service center or Garage then you are at right place at tyre experts we provide professional Car Brake Pads change and repair service in UAE with the use of advance equipment, experienced technicians, genuine parts and high quality customer service at cost effective rates for all types, makes and model of vehicles.

Common brake system issues you may face are!

  • Your vehicle is moving to the right or left when you apply brake
  • Unusual noise or vibrations arise during braking
  • The brake pad thickness percentage is reduced to an extreme level .
  • The brake pedal do not function than usual pressure being applied.

Our Brake Service includes:

  • Free Brake Performance Inspection
  • Brake-pad Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Resurfacing polishing of brake rotors or drums.

Car Brake Disk Skimming, Ate Brake Disk & Brake, Caliper Change/Replace, Car Metallic Brake Pad Repair, Car Ceramic Brake Pads Replace, Car Semi Metallic Brake Pads Change.

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